flag The expertise of the professional at the service of the individual

The concept

With 20 years of experience in the professional world, Adventys is launching a new challenge: to revolutionize outdoor cooking ... but not only.

We have developed a unique solution, the Octopus, a real culinary Swiss army knife. For a barbecue? a plancha? a brunch? a chocolate fondue? or rather Savoyard? He is the ideal companion! Family-friendly, user-friendly and versatile, it offers a multitude of possibilities thanks to its many accessories. An infinite mix & match, you are free to choose your combination of accessories.

The expertise of the professional at the service of the individual, the Octopus is equipped with features usually reserved for professionals such as temperature adjustment to the nearest degree. We have also developed a Plancha / Grill guide program that regulates the temperature rise of your cast iron accessories, for optimal heat distribution.

The problems of summer barbecues


The weather is always the first thing to consider when planning a barbecue. So between the reliability of the weather forecast and the last minute changes, it is almost considered risky to organize a barbecue between September and June! With the Octopus Adventys, the barbecue for your home. You can enjoy it all year round, both outdoors and indoors thanks to the induction technology. No need to wait for a ray of sunshine to start the grill or the plancha.

And even if you had to quickly pack up because of a few drops of rain, you can run inside thanks to to the Octopus trolley light and easily movable.


When it comes time to cook the barbecue, the eternal questions come up: who takes care of it? is there a gas cylinder left? do I have enough charcoal? Done with the Octopus , set it up on a stable surface near an electrical outlet and go.

Saving time for preparation but also for cooking:

Induction associated with melting will save significant time compared to other cooking systems. Cut your vegetables on your wooden chopping block while your plancha is heating, deploy the extensions on each side to attach your gourmet bins or side shelves and thus have all your preparations and utensils nearby.


After a good meal with friends comes the inevitable cleanup step. The Octopus makes your life easier! Ye, most of the small accessories are dishwasher safe: the grease trap, the removable filter, the spatula and the tongs (they are also very easy to clean. well with washing-up liquid and a little water).

All you have to do is clean your cast iron accessories following the recommendations in the instructions. The glass-ceramic hob can be cleaned simply with white vinegar, a glass cleaner or a special glass-ceramic product.


Either overcooked or undercooked, you don't really have a choice with gas or charcoal cooking unless you're a barbecue master. With The Octopus , we help you! The control panel allows you to choose a temperature to the nearest degree setting to precisely control your cooking when using containers. To use the cast iron accessories, even simpler, you have the choice between 3 levels preprogrammed which will guide you for cooking on plancha and grill .