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Octopus Ultimate

Designation :
Ref. ADV1938


Multifunction induction appliance with grill accessory + plancha + cutting board. Tactile control panels. Extendable stainless steel shelves and storage for accessories. Trolley + gastronorm containers included.

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Composition of the pack

  • - Set of 2 stainless steel gastronorm containers GN 1/6 Matfer
  • - Stainless steel shelf (x 2)
  • - Wooden chopping block
  • - Cast iron grill plate
  • - Cast iron griddle plate
  • - Grease guard
  • - Black-stainless steel trolley
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Expert français de la cuisson par induction, Adventys équipe les professionnels de la restauration depuis 20 ans et aux quatre coins du monde.

Aujourd'hui, nous mettons notre maîtrise de la technologie induction à la portée de tous. Cette haute qualité professionnelle trouvera facilement sa place chez vous grâce à notre nouvelle gamme de barbecue et plancha Octopus. Une solution innovante et compacte qui deviendra l’équipier idéal de toutes vos réunions familiales ou amicales, en extérieur comme en intérieur !

Produit octopus en utilisation


The expertise of the professional at the service of the individual! A real Swiss Army Knife, the Octopus accompanies you in each step of preparing your meal. Cut, store, sear, broil, simmer, smother, keep warm, everything is possible with Adventys innovation. A multifunction device, which meets each of your needs. The Octopus Essentiel includes: a cutting board, the cast iron grill accessory, 2 stainless steel side plates + spatula and tongs.


The concept: Two induction zones on which a multitude of accessories can be attached: Grill, Plancha, Cutting board to accompany you in the kitchen as well inside as 'outside A modular and expandable product according to your needs, deploy the tentacles of your Octopus to install stainless steel shelves or gastronorm containers.


Thanks to its temperature adjustment to the nearest degree, the Octopus offers optimum precision for precise and delicate cooking. At the same time, its 15 power levels per zone can diffuse up to 1500W (3000W on one zone) which allows you to switch to more powerful cooking and sear meats for example.

Produit octopus en extérieur

Data sheet

Compositions :
Stainless steel
Cooking surface :
Number of fireplace(s) :
Guarantee :
2 years
Command type :
Sensitive touch keys
Power :
3000 W
Functions :
Timer, temperature adjustment to the nearest degree, power level adjustment, grill mode, plancha mode
Designation :
Type d'énergie utilisée :
Produit octopus en utilisation

The advantages of cast iron

Our cast iron accessories are manufactured in France by the company INVICTA, a specialist in the manufacture of cast iron parts with lamellar graphite.

Cast iron is a material that provides great thermal inertia due to its ability to store heat. Adventys has chosen to have its Grill and Plancha accessories manufactured in cast iron to guarantee durability and optimum quality. On Le Chef, the cast iron is used in levitation, that is to say without contact with the glass ceramic and it is therefore thanks to its particular properties that it will manage to transmit the heat necessary for cooking your food.

Cooking on cast iron is ideal for searing meats at a very high temperature but also for delicately browning more fragile items such as fish. Its composition allows it not to deform under high temperature and allows food to keep all their flavor and develop their aromas.

Adventys has developed heating programs specially adapted to cast iron to use the Plancha and Grill accessories. These programs allow a regulated temperature rise to prepare the cast iron to store a very high temperature. Once heated, the accessory stays hot for a very long time even if the power level is reduced. You can then keep your food at temperature before going to the table!

Why choose Octopus?

Barbecue disadvantage

  • Security
  • Gas cylinder
  • Coal
  • Long cooking time
  • Long preparation time
  • Lack of precision
  • Rental restrictions
  • Interior restrictions
  • Weather / Seasonality
  • Profitability
  • Flexibility
  • Health
  • Cleaning

Avantages Octopus

  • Security
  • Single connection
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Optimal precision
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great flexibility
  • Profitability
  • Year-round use
  • Interior / Exterior
  • En appartement