Find here our selection of pans and accessories Cristel French manufacturer of cookware. Their products are perfectly suited to our inductions.

Lilokawa is a French company that manufactures items from recycled materials. They developed, especially for Adventys, the apron, the protective covers as well as the potholders and tea towel. Go to the accessories section.

We have chosen the range of gastronorm containers from the French company Matfer Bourgeat to equip our Octopus. Matfer is the last French manufacturer of gastronorm containers. Discover our packs.

We chose the French company Chabret, specialist in “end” wood furniture and cutting logs, to develop the wooden log that accessorizes our Octopus. 

Invicta is a French company specializing in cast iron. She designed the plancha and cast iron grill accessories for Adventys. Find it here.

To launch this project and design our product line, we worked in collaboration with the French company VEHOTEC.

Vehotec is an engineering company that offers various services such as the study and development of concepts or the industrialization of new products.

With 25 years of experience in project management, its leader was able to support us in launching our project.

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