Octopus Range

Barbecue, plancha, fondue savoyarde or chocolate fondue...
and much more! It's wherever you want it, whenever you want it!

The Octopus range has been designed to make your life easier! A party with friends around the grill requires a lot of preparation and space. Even worse, the weather can quickly vary, even in summer, and can spoil the day. All of that is over with the real culinary Swiss Army knife that is the Octopus.

The design of the compact, clever and easy-to-use Octopus packs allows you to enjoy it all year round and in all types of weather.


Innovation in the service of user-friendliness is a good summary of the functionalities of the Octopus range. No more running around, no more work to do to make a barbecue a success. To use the Octopus, all you need is a table or work surface and a power outlet. No more charcoal or gas bottles! The Octopus range does not require any pre-heating. The shelves, trays, wooden blocks and other accessories are disposed around the cooking point, so you don't have to walk back and forth to the kitchen or refrigerator.

Finally, the quality of the cast iron griddles and plancha ensures perfect heat distribution whatever the food. No more overcooked or burnt meat, and a real time saver. Thanks to the Octopus, you can fully enjoy the party with your guests, without the risk of disappointing them.

As if you had a kitchen brigade at home, the Octopus range deploys all its tricks so that you remain available while delighting your guests. One of the most important features is the ability to set the temperature to the exact degree, a feature previously reserved for professional kitchens. Two pre-programmed cooking options allow you to optimize the cooking process in a plancha or grill style. In addition, the combination of cast iron and the induction technology significantly reduces cooking times. These are useful innovations that will help you build a reputation as a chef and make the party even better.

The Octopus packs are easy to use, from start-up to cleaning. The Octopus Essential and the Octopus Plancha have a multifunctional induction plate with touch controls. There is of course a wooden cutting board, a cast iron grill or plancha plate and fat guards. There are also stainless steel shelves and storage spaces for accessories, including lids, tongs and a spatula.

In addition to all this equipment, the Octopus Ultimate pack sits on a stylish black stainless steel trolley and includes gourmet trays ideal for keeping all ingredients close at hand. Lightweight and flexible, it will accompany all types of outdoor and indoor festivities.

When it comes to maintenance, the Octopus packs make your life easier. Unlike a traditional barbecue, the cast iron accessories can be easily cleaned by hand, and to restore the shine to the induction plate, a glass cleaner or white vinegar will suffice. As for the accessories, no problem! Tongs, spatula, filter and grease guard are dishwasher safe.

As you can see, the octopus logo of the Octopus range owes nothing to chance... You will have the impression of having eight arms to combine practicality, speed and precision. Cast iron griddles and grills, wooden blocks, gourmet trays, aprons, protective covers, potholders and tea towels, the accessories offered in the Octopus range by Adventys are made in France.

No more time-consuming barbecues, ruined by bad cooking or an unexpected rain shower. The new Octopus range allows you to enjoy the benefits of professional quality equipment at home and for your guests.

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