Eiffel Range

The Eiffel range is our home kitchen equipment range. As a specialist in induction cooking appliances for professional kitchens for 20 years, Adventys has designed this range to give you the benefit of our expertise with high performance products. With a variety of appliances for different uses, the Eiffel range will allow you to achieve all your cooking needs. Whatever your kitchen layout, we give you the choice with induction cooking appliances from the Posable or Built-in sub-ranges.

The Eiffel range can be integrated into your kitchen as the main hob or used as an add-on for your cooker and provide modularity. All products in the Eiffel range are distinguished by their ergonomics, precision and unique design. They are all marked with a mosaic representation of the Eiffel Tower, a sign of the know-how and innovative genius made in France. Like all its other ranges, Adventys designs and produces the Eiffel range at its facility in Seurre, Burgundy.

Induction cooking: the optimum for your kitchen

The 8 products in the Eiffel range feature induction cooking technology, a field in which Adventys is a specialist. It offers you several advantages over conventional gas and electric solutions.

The first is energy efficiency. Our products guarantee fast cooking thanks to a rapid heat-up and very low heat loss. The cooking surface of the Eiffel range also reduces the risk of accidents: no flames and rapid return to room temperature.

As the first range of products dedicated to the use of private individuals, the innovation that the Eiffel range brings can also be found in the very functions of our appliances. They are all equipped with a fully touch-sensitive control panel. This control panel gives you access to a series of controls to make your daily cooking easier and to allow everyone to cook to perfection:

- The timer: it allows you to control the duration of the ignition of a stove. This means you can cook several dishes at the same time or go and read a book after starting a cooking session, while being sure to respect the cooking time of the recipe.

- The thermostat: for cooking delicate foods or certain recipes, you can adjust the temperature to the nearest degree.

- Customisable cooking programmes: 3 cooking modes are available by default on the Eiffel range: gentle, medium and strong. You can customise these programmes to suit your habits.

The built-in appliances in the Eiffel range

Four built-in products are available in the Eiffel range. These are the 1-zone induction hob, the 2-zone induction hob, the induction wok and the induction griddle. Depending on your needs and cooking habits, you can equip your kitchen with one or more appliances in this category. Built-in products are designed to be easily integrated on a worktop in a modern kitchen. In addition to the performance and precision of the Eiffel range, the built-in appliances are a stylish option in terms of design: a touch of originality with the Eiffel Tower logo, space saving and very thin stainless steel edges.

The Eiffel range of table-top appliances

We offer you the same solutions in built-in or tabletop mode: 1-zone induction hob, 2-zone induction hob, induction wok, the induction griddle. These 4 appliances offer the same functionality as the built-in appliances. For those who already have a cooker, they can be integrated as additional equipment. The Eiffel range of griddles, woks and plancha are each designed as a compact, self-contained unit. They offer mobility, as they can be used outdoors: on a terrace or in a garden with close access to electricity. The table-top units are available in 2 colours: stainless steel and matt black.

The Eiffel range has been designed to enhance your experience when cooking your food. With innovative and ergonomic solutions, our aim is to give all our customers cooktops with the same levels of performance as those of catering professionals. With its 2 installation modes, table-top and built-in, the Eiffel range is complete and adapts to all kitchen configurations. With its griddles, plancha and wok, the Eiffel range allows you to broaden your culinary horizons by offering a wide choice in terms of cooking types.

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