Our commitments

Are you trying to buy as much as possible made in France? As a family business expert in induction technology, Adventys helps you take up the challenge with induction cooking equipment designed AND manufactured in France, of professional quality! Discover our values, which are undoubtedly also yours.

Products designed and manufactured in France

Adventys was born in the inspiring region of Burgundy, France. We have continued to develop in this region without relocating any of our activities. As the standard-bearer of Made in France in Europe and around the world, our family-owned company controls each step of the manufacturing process, from design to sales. All production is carried out in Seurre, in the Côte-d'Or region. Our 3000 m² site includes

  • The electronic workshop where some components are still assembled by hand
  • The sheet metal workshop where the stainless steel bodies of our devices are made
  • The winding and gluing workshops where our copper inductors are manufactured and then assembled to the glass-ceramic lenses
  • The assembly lines where the products are manually assembled and then individually tested
  • Storage and preparation for shipment

This end-to-end control of the design and manufacturing cycle of our products allows us to guarantee the best quality. It is also a commitment to our territory, at a national and local level. As the flagship of the French electronics industry, we are committed to representing Made in France throughout the world. We are also involved at a more local level, in Burgundy, where our company participates in the economic dynamism and attractiveness of the region. Two good reasons to trust us!

A responsible production cycle

We are aware of your ethical concerns, which go far beyond the cocorico. Equipping your kitchen with French equipment is also a responsible, more ecological approach for you? With Adventys, you are sure to meet all your criteria! First of all, as far as the environment is concerned, our company is a member of the French eco-organization Ecologic, which works for the prevention, collection and recycling of electronic equipment. At a time when there has never been so much talk of programmed obsolescence or waste in non-food products, and when a reparability index has just been created for everyday objects and appliances, Adventys is already well ahead of the game on these issues. The repairability of our induction cooking equipment is assured beyond your expectations, with :

  • The possibility of replacement or repair of all parts and components of our products
  • The availability of spare parts for 10 years
  • The absence of programmed obsolescence
  • Simple and quick to dismantle devices, to facilitate any part change or component repair

This is also the professional quality available to individuals!

Adventys has opened up its market to the general public in response to your new consumer habits. Do you want to focus on quality and durability that will save you money in the long term rather than changing your cooking appliance every two years, with the impact that has on the environment? These are also the values we adhere to at Adventys. That's why we are committed to a process of reconditioning our equipment, which includes a complete overhaul, the restoration of their appearance and the reprogramming of software. Why throw away what can be repaired?

Innovation, the heart of our business

Are you skeptical about the performance of induction? Have you ever tried to cook on induction cooktops and the experience ended in a culinary disaster? You have probably never cooked on professional quality equipment! When it is used with real expertise and high quality equipment, induction is a technology with incomparable advantages, which many chefs have turned to.

Innovation is a key word at Adventys and is part of our company's DNA: it is this taste for research and development that is behind our specialization in induction. Because we want to satisfy the needs and desires of all our customers, we distinguish ourselves by offering ever more innovative products and by constantly improving our existing ranges. Our patents have won several international awards at innovation fairs! Adventys offers you the opportunity to cook with unique precision, thanks to versatile and safe appliances: open up new culinary horizons, more fun, more convivial, more successful, quite simply!

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