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Octopus Ultimate

Ref. ADV1938
Designation : Octopus Ultimate


Multifunction induction cooker with cast iron grill & plancha accessory and a cutting board made in France. Touch-sensitive control panels. Expandable stainless steel shelves and storage for accessories. The Ultimate pack is equipped with additional accessories: a large transport cart, a double GN 1/6 tray kit for storing your preparations, two grease traps with lids for cooking or keeping warm, tongs and a spatula.

France  Made in France

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Composition of the pack

  • - Set of 2 stainless steel gastronorm containers GN 1/6 Matfer
  • - Stainless steel shelf (x 2)
  • - Wooden chopping block
  • - Cast iron grill plate
  • - Cast iron griddle plate
  • - Ecodesign protective cover
  • - Black-stainless steel trolley
Delivery time: 2-3 days
Produit octopus en extérieur

Data sheet

Compositions :
Stainless steel
Cooking surface :
Number of fireplace(s) :
Guarantee :
2 years
Command type :
Sensitive touch keys
Power :
3000 W
Functions :
Timer, temperature adjustment to the nearest degree, power level adjustment, grill mode, plancha mode
Designation :
Octopus Ultimate
Type d'énergie utilisée :

The advantages of cast iron

 The 2 cooking accessories to be mounted on the Octopus Ultimate's induction plate are made of cast iron. This material has a unique ability to retain heat. This thermal inertia allows you to quickly rise to high temperatures and retain the heat for a long time, for example to keep your dishes warm. The cast iron griddle and grill of the Octopus Ultimate are made by Invicta, a French company that is a European leader in cast iron products.

Why choose Octopus?

Barbecue disadvantage

  • Security
  • Gas cylinder
  • Coal
  • Long cooking time
  • Long preparation time
  • Lack of precision
  • Rental restrictions
  • Interior restrictions
  • Weather / Seasonality
  • Profitability
  • Flexibility
  • Health
  • Cleaning

Avantages Octopus

  • Security
  • Single connection
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Optimal precision
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great flexibility
  • Profitability
  • Year-round use
  • Interior / Exterior
  • En appartement


The Octopus Ultimate is the most successful product in its range. This kitchen equipment offers maximum versatility: induction cooking, worktop, storage. With its wheels and telescopic arms, the Octopus Ultimate from Adventys is your kitchen Autobot. For cooking, the Octopus Ultimate is equipped with a double induction hob, mounted on a black stainless steel trolley with 2 wheels, 2 stainless steel side plates and various storage compartments. The Octopus Ultimate's range of accessories will delight you. With the plancha and the grill, you can integrate other cooking methods on your plate. The wooden block offers you an ideal work surface for cutting and the 2 stainless steel gastronorm trays can hold all the ingredients of your recipe. With the Octopus Ultimate, outdoor cooking has never been easier.


The Octopus Ultimate is a unique product. It offers great modularity and while maintaining top performance regardless of the functional use made of it. The Octopus Ultimate is the only appliance that will allow you to stew in a pan, fry vegetables on a plancha and grill meat. Optimised for outdoor use, it will offer you the same working comfort as inside your kitchen. The Octopus Ultimate incorporates the best of French innovative genius. Thanks to our 20 years of expertise in professional kitchen equipment, we have combined the know-how of several specialist companies to produce top-of-the-range accessories.


The Octopus Ultimate has the perfect combination of power and precision. Its 3000 W of power distributed over its 2 hobs is enough to reach very high temperatures quickly. You will be able to sear even the toughest cuts of meat. To make the best use of this power, a touch-sensitive control panel offers you various settings for your cooking. With the timer, you can set the cooking time of a cooking unit, which will automatically stop at the set time. On the Octopus Ultimate, you have 3 options to control the heat level of each hob: the Soft, Medium and High cooking programmes, 15 heat levels that cover the 3000 W of power of the hob and a thermostat to set the temperature to the exact degree.

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