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Octopus Nomade

Ref. ADV1955
Designation : Octopus Nomade


Multifunction induction appliance with grill accessory and cutting board made in France. Touch control panels. Extendable stainless steel shelves and storage for accessories. The Nomad pack is equipped with additional accessories: an integrated compact transport trolley, a grease trap with lid for cooking or keeping warm, tongs and a spatula.

France  Made in France

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Composition of the pack

  • - Stainless steel shelf (x 2)
  • - Wooden chopping block
  • - Cast iron grill plate
Delivery time:
Produit octopus en extérieur

Data sheet

Compositions :
Stainless steel
Cooking surface :
Number of fireplace(s) :
Guarantee :
2 years
Command type :
Sensitive touch keys
Power :
3000 W
Functions :
Timer, temperature adjustment to the nearest degree, power level adjustment, grill mode, plancha mode
Designation :
Octopus Nomade
Type d'énergie utilisée :

The advantages of cast iron

For the cooking accessories in the Octopus Nomade, Adventys chose cast iron. This material has a unique ability to store heat. To make it, we called on Invicta. For almost a century, the company from Donchery in Champagne-Ardenne has been developing remarkable know-how in the engineering and production of cast iron objects. The cast iron griddle and grill designed by Invicta for the Octopus are capable of storing large amounts of heat. This heat is retained over a long period of time as the accessories can withstand high temperatures without deforming. This means that the grill and griddle are able to reach and maintain high temperatures.

Why choose Octopus?

Barbecue disadvantage

  • Security
  • Gas cylinder
  • Coal
  • Long cooking time
  • Long preparation time
  • Lack of precision
  • Rental restrictions
  • Interior restrictions
  • Weather / Seasonality
  • Profitability
  • Flexibility
  • Health
  • Cleaning

Avantages Octopus

  • Security
  • Single connection
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Optimal precision
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great flexibility
  • Profitability
  • Year-round use
  • Interior / Exterior
  • En appartement


The Octopus Nomade is a multifunctional kitchen equipment. It combines the requirement of professional performance with the practicality suitable for private individuals. The fruit of Adventys innovation, it allows you to prepare and cook all your dishes. You will receive it with a series of accessories that will accompany you at every stage of the preparation of your dishes: a compact integrated transport trolley, 2 stainless steel shelves, a wooden block, tongs, a spatula and a cast iron grill plate. Thanks to its mobility and versatility, the Octopus Nomade accompanies you both in the kitchen and outdoors.


With Octopus Nomade, you have a single appliance for preparing and cooking. Mounted on its trolley, it has 2 induction hobs for cooking food. This cooking surface can accommodate various accessories such as the Grill plate. So you can go from a dish simmering in the pan to grilled sausages. Your Octopus Nomade is a real stand-alone workstation, with modular options to give you maximum comfort in preparing your meals. The wooden log can be mounted on the site of one of the fireplaces. On either side of the cooking area, your Octopus Nomade can extend its tentacles: stainless steel plates to place containers and utensils or gourmet trays to store food.


 In the belly of the Octopus Nomade is housed a power of 3000 W distributed over its two hearths. 15 levels are available on each hearth, to obtain the desired level of heat: browning a fish fillet or searing a large steak. The Octopus Nomade also has 2 features to obtain precise cooking: the first is the timer which allows you to control the time during which a hearth is lit; the second is the setting of the temperature to the nearest degree, for cooking to medium.

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