Induction 1 zone Eiffel
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thumbs Induction 1 zone Eiffel
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Induction 1 zone Eiffel

Ref. DPI 2800
Designation : 1 zone induction cooker


1 zone induction cooker, large size. Ideal as an additional solution. Eiffel Tower ceramic glass design and stainless steel surround. Designed to be easy to install and transport.

France  Made in France     

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The Adventys 1 Zone Posable Induction Cooker is a powerful, modern and compact cooking appliance. It can be used as an additional device in your kitchen. This Posable Induction Plate from the Eiffel range will extend the cooking surface you have in your cooker, while allowing you to benefit from the power and precision of our induction heat technology.

Our 1 zone Posable Induction hob can also be used outside a conventional kitchen. Its dimensions make it an excellent portable appliance for outdoor cooking on your terrace or in a small space such as a motor home.

The Adventys 1 Zone Posable Induction Cooker has a single 2800W burner, enough to cook all your dishes. Its cooking surface is made of glass-ceramic, which allows a quick heat up, an even heat distribution and a low heat loss. To control the cooking, we have designed our tabletop induction hob with a touch control panel: you get the same control comfort as on your smartphone, or almost. The different functions available allow you to control the cooking of your meals very precisely. The heat on the hob can be adjusted either in levels with different increments or by selecting the temperature to the nearest degree. You can also set the exact cooking time with the timer function. Once set, the hob will cook your pan to the desired power level and stop at the end of the time.

At Adventys, we have equipped our 1 Zone Induction Hob with a unique innovation that allows it to test the quality of your pans. Thanks to our Posable Induction Plate, you have the same standard of equipment at home as that required by the best professionals. Adventys has over 20 years of experience in supplying induction cooking equipment to professional kitchens. It is this know-how, 100% Made in France, that allows us to design high-performance and innovative equipment, adapted to the use of private individuals.

We focus on aesthetics and ergonomics for all our products in the Eiffel range, such as the griddle, the wok or the plancha. The 1 Zone Posable Induction Plate is available with a matt black or stainless steel coating. Its unique design with a mosaic Eiffel Tower on the cooking surface will give a touch of originality to your kitchen and impress your guests.

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