Induction 2 zones posable Eiffel
thumbs Induction 2 zones posable Eiffel
thumbs Induction 2 zones posable Eiffel
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Induction 2 zones posable Eiffel

Designation : 2 zone induction cooker


2 zone induction cooker. Ideal as an additional solution. Eiffel Tower ceramic glass design and stainless steel surround. Designed to be easy to install and transport.

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Induction Eiffel in video


The Adventys 2 Zone Posable Induction Cooker is a cooking equipment designed to bring you comfort and performance on a daily basis. Its dimensions allow it to be used as a back-up to your cooker, as well as outside in good weather. The 2 Zone Posable Griddle is the result of our know-how and expertise in the field of professional catering equipment.

Even if it is not intended to replace your cooker, the Adventys 2 Zone Posable Induction Plate offers total autonomy for cooking your dishes. Compact, it can be easily installed next to your worktop and has two 1400 W burners. Its glass-ceramic cooking zone guarantees optimal transmission without heat loss.

In use, you will benefit from the best of technology and ergonomics. On the control panel of the Adventys 2 Zone Posable Induction hob, you will find a series of buttons that give you total control over the cooking of your food. The heat can be adjusted in two ways: either by the relative heat level (several levels are available), or by direct temperature control. This last option is a unique advantage, because it will allow you to keep your food warm after cooking.

The 2-zone Induction hob also has a timer function. Put your pan down to cook, set the timer and go chat on the networks while waiting for the cooking. Each burner of our 2 Zone Induction hob is independent: you can therefore set different heat levels and cooking times on each burner. For example, you can start cooking the bolognese and then reduce the temperature so that the sauce remains hot without continuing to cook. Then, start the legs, which will stop cooking at the key moment of perfect "al dente".

High-performance and innovative, our 2 Zone Posable Induction hob has a neat design. In a simple and modern design, the hob is available in 2 colours: stainless steel and matt black. You will immediately notice a unique artistic touch: on the ceramic hob, you will find an Eiffel Tower formed by a mosaic of small objects from your kitchen. More than a fantasy, it is the sign of Adventys' pride in offering this high quality product, 100% French. Our teams, based in our headquarters in the Côte d'Or, are committed to offering you the best of local know-how, for innovative and environmentally responsible products.

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