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Plancha Induction Eiffel

Designation : Induction Griddle


This plancha with induction technology is the perfect solution for your cooking needs, thanks to its matte black and stainless steel finish and its multi-layer steel and aluminium cooking surface. This innovative, high-performance griddle offers speed, precision and efficiency thanks to induction technology and temperature control to the nearest degree.

France  Made in France    

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A little concentrate of design and technique Made in France, this is what you will add to your kitchen with our Posable Induction Plancha. Designed and developed in our factories in the Côte d'Or, this Plancha allows you to expand your cooking possibilities with professional quality equipment.

When technology and performance come into your kitchen, it is a Plancha that reaches 250 degrees Celsius in 4 minutes, a steel and aluminium structure for the cooking area, 3 cooking programs that can be set at your convenience. It is thanks to our 20 years of experience in designing professional kitchen equipment and our partner companies in France that we can offer you this innovation.

The posable induction griddle offers its users more ergonomics. Indeed, you can use it in several settings. It can be used as an extension of your cooker or as a stand-alone device for cooking outside your kitchen, for example in your garden or terrace.

This Adventys Posable Induction Griddle can dramatically transform your cooking experience. It comes with a range of different accessories that allow multiple cooking modes on the same plate. You can try out new recipes: fish, shellfish or vegetables as you like. For a barbecue evening with friends, the most gourmet will be delighted with the Plancha cooking. With induction, you reach the ideal temperature much faster than with a traditional barbecue.

On a daily basis, the Plancha induction grill makes life easier. Thanks to its 3 cooking programs that you can adapt to your habits, you can go from cooking a fish fillet to a full pancake at the touch of a button. The Plancha is equipped with temperature control technology that allows you to set the temperature to the exact degree, with heat distributed evenly over the entire cooking surface. No more burnt out dishes!

Our Plancha fits easily into your kitchen, thanks to its sober and pure design. It is a kitchen appliance with compact dimensions, a stainless steel or matt black coating with a bit of pride on top (yes of course, the Eiffel signature)! This innovative model brings you more speed and efficiency in your kitchen, but above all more conviviality.

With the Posable Induction Plancha, cook small dishes with your family and share pleasant moments with your loved ones. You'll also impress your guests by offering them a performance worthy of the great chefs on your Plancha: witness the preparation and cooking show, a fast and modern kitchen, from the plate to the dishes.

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